One Loyalty Platform. Infinite Value.

Jara Loyalty is a customer loyalty platform that enables retailers to maximize their rewards to customers, improve customer retention and drive sales revenue.

The Loyalty Program That Works

Our loyalty technology allows you to focus on your business while making your customers happy and loyal. 

  • Maximum Rewards

    By leveraging other non-competing retailers, your customers earn rewards faster and can redeem across multiple channels and brands.

  • Transparent

    No more ambiguity around the value of rewards earned. Your customers have a more transparent way of tracking their earned rewards.

  • Consumer Driven

    The user-friendly consumer app enables consumers to stay engaged with your brand while making it easy to track and redeem rewards.

  • Easy Set Up

    Easy set up that works for big retailers and small retail brands alike. Simple and straight forward with no technical jargon or complexities.

  • Consumer Insight

    Know your customers a bit more, understand better their product mix and preferences in order to better serve them and keep them loyal.

  • Pay for Performance

    You only get to pay when your customers get value from actually redeeming their aggregated reward that you and fellow retailers have gifted them.

Some Brands We've Worked With

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